Brewery Crew Profiles: Mr. Bill Mickelson

Introducing crew profiles! Get to know the people that make your beer. 

For this inaugural post we’ll introduce you to Bill Mickelson, who came on board Silver City Brewery team just over one year ago, and is our staff-elected crew member of the month for this past August!

A skilled writer, after this current profile you can look forward to his writings on each crew member of the month at this page (it would just be weird to have him write his own).

Bill is essentially the “swiss-army-knife” of Silver City Brewery with skills in just about every area of brewing operations: from brewers’ assistant to packaging expert, fork truckin' to deliveries for the restaurant, Bill’s intense work ethic immediately earned him the respect of of his peers, with a riotous sense of humor and warmth that keeps everybody sane during the 12-hour bottling and canning marathons that enable the brewery to meet the summer’s demands.

A lifelong musician, Bill is the frontman of local party-rock band the “Wyrdoz”, who will be making an appearance at the brewery’s 20th Anniversary celebration on September 10th. Self-described as “The Village People of 2016”, Bill / Wyrdoz influences are the “dad-rock” bands of the 70s and 80s, with a heavy infusion of punk rock energy from bands like the Descendents.

For a clip of the Wyrdoz in action, check the following link:


Random facts about Bill:

Place of Birth: Wyoming, moved to WA at age 18

Favorite Beer Style: Dark beers. No one particular style, just dark and malty.

Favorite Silver City Beer: Le Fat— Oak Barrel Aged Belgian Sour Scotch Ale. Have always been a fan of Fat Scotch Ale, the Le Fat takes it somewhere weird and different.

Favorite Movie or TV Show: The Real Housewives of Silver City Brewery (coming soon to Huluflix Prime)

Favorite Musician / Band: Squeeze. (Also love the Descendents and had the opportunity to open for them at the Punk Rock Bowling festival one year)

Inspirational Words of Wisdom: “Could be better, it could be worse, and might just be the best day ever.”

Parting words: “Enjoi!” (seriously, with an “i”)

Cheers to Bill, thank you for constantly keeping a smile on all our faces and for keeping the place running!

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