Silver City Brewery Emphatically Embraces the Dawn of 2017 with a Pair of Lager Releases

We made it.

The holidays are on their way out and the year that has wrought the most social chaos since the dawn of pop culture... is about to be behind us. From the death of our Starman to our beloved Prince, from Harambe to all of the socio-political bickering that we're nowhere near qualified to weigh in on... it's time for a frickin' beer. And we have two for you.

Both are returning favorites-- one that newer audiences will already be familiar with, the other a classic recipe revived for our 20th Anniversary that went over so unbelievably well that we decided it should play an encore (with a brand new look). Both are unapologetically unpretentious, accessible, chuggable, delicious beers that will melt the ice that's solidified around our hearts and remind the world why we enjoy its oldest beverage to begin with.

Both beers will be released at Silver City Taproom and Silver City Restaurant Monday, December 26th, and will see availability expand throughout Washington State over the course of January.


Coming Monday, December 26th

Warming you up on cool days, cooling you down on warm days, Maibock (or “May Bock”) is a traditional German-style lager celebrating the end of the harsh Alpine winter and the reemergence of the beer garden. Copper Mountain is a formidable, but approachable lager with a rich caramel sensibility encapsulated by a refreshing, easy-going texture. 

HOPS: Sterling

MALTS: German Pilsner, Munich, Caramel

IBU: 22

ABV: 7.2%

AVAILABILITY: Early Winter / Early Spring in Draft & 22oz Bottles


Coming Monday, December 26th

Traditional craft Pilsner for thirsty people. This authentic Pilsner’s long cold storage process presents a pristine, crisp, & elegant lager with abundant herbal character from Czech Saaz hops. 

HOPS: Czech Saaz

MALTS: German Pilsner

IBU: 30

ABV: 5%

AVAILABILITY: Early Winter / Early Spring in Draft & 12oz Cans

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