TIME TWISTER Imperial Stout

Time Twister Imperial Stout is a beer for the ages. A style with roots in the eighteenth century, its intense roast malt character, sinister strength, and fruity esters may be enjoyed at the present, but will continue to develop when cellared over months or even years.

HOPS: Chinook

MALTS: NW Pale, British Pale, Roast, Flaked Barley, Brown, Chocolate,Munich, Black, Caramel,                     

IBU: 60

ABV: 9.2%

AVAILABILITY: December-January in Draft & 22oz Bottles


Fat Woody is a limited batch of our renowned Magnificent Bastard Scotch Ale aged on American white oak. The bold, smokey malt profile of the ale intertwines with the smooth, vanilla-like character of the wood for next-level incredibleness. 

HOPS: Nugget, Cascade

MALTS: NW Pale, Munich, Dark Wheat, Caramel Wheat, Carafa, Light Crystal

IBU: 25

ABV: 9.2%

AVAILABILITY: February-March in Draft & 22oz Bottles


KWIK STOUT: mocha milk stout

Supplemented by a hearty dose of cocoa, freshly roasted coffee, and a hint of vanilla, Kwik Stout is a unique style of stout brewed with lactose, a special sugar found in milk that isn’t consumable by yeast, resulting in a silky sweetness. So creamy and delicious you’ll [almost] want to drink it with a straw.

HOPS: Columbus

MALTS: Pale, Roast, Chocolate, Dark Crystal

IBU: 40

ABV: 8.0%

AVAILABILITY: April-May in Draft & 22oz Bottles

The Giant Made of Shadows Belgian Strong Ale

Behold, The Giant! This strong, dark, malty Belgian-style ale is rich in dark fruit, caramel and coffee character. Run from the shadows, not from the Giant.

HOPS: Columbus, Mt. Hood

MALTS: Pilsner Malt, NW Pale, Carmel, & Carafa

IBU: 20

ABV: 9.9%

AVAILABILITY: July-August in Draft & 22oz Bottles


Celebrate the annual Washington hop harvest. From farm to kettle in 24 hours; unkilned “wet” hops are featured to provide fragrant, "dank" aromas and flavors unattainable through conventional methods. Past releases have included favorites such as "Citra Wet Hop Pale Ale" and "Juicy Denali India Pale Ale".

HOPS: Varies

MALTS: Varies

IBU: Varies

ABV: Varies

AVAILABILITY: September-October in Draft & 22oz Bottles

Old Scrooge Christmas Ale

Intriguing notes of apple, cherry and apricot abound from the long boil time, cool fermentation and extended aging of this dark, malty ale. Celebrate this year’s release & save some for next, as this beer matures wonderfully when cellared. 

HOPS: Columbus, Willamette

MALTS: NW Pale, British Pale, Caramel, Munich

IBU: 60

ABV: 8.5%

AVAILABILITY: November-December in Draft & 22oz Bottles

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