Silver City Brewery Announces: Rain-or-Shine Hard Seltzer



In pursuit of our never-ending goal to brew something for everyone, Silver City Brewery presents our first-ever beer-alternative. Say hello to Rain-or-Shine Hard Seltzer.

Inspired by our unique climate in the Pacific Northwest, Rain-or-Shine is a perfect beverage for virtually any occasion. Absolutely pristine in color and clarity, with a delightful dose of natural fruit flavor, Rain or Shine Hard Seltzer is the culmination of nearly a year's worth of research and development, handcrafted by the exact same brew team that has brought you every Silver City beer from Ridgetop Red Ale to Tropic Haze IPA. From the pub to the living room, from the sports arena to your backyard, from the waterfront to the mountaintop; Rain-or-Shine is here for you, rain or shine.

Our introductory beverage in the Rain-or-Shine family is our Passion Fruit flavor. Brewed with natural extracts, including a hint of yuzu citrus fruit, Rain-or-Shine Passion Fruit is an extremely approachable hard seltzer that strikes an impeccable balance between sweet and tart sensibilities, within a crisp and refreshing fluid. With an eye towards calorie-consciousness, a 12 fl oz serving of Rain-or-Shine Passion Fruit contains only 98 calories and fewer than 3 grams of carbohydrates, while maintaining 5% alcohol by volume. With our proprietary recipe and fermentation process, Rain-or-Shine Hard Seltzer contains no barley, wheat, or corn (Note: as we are a beer-producing facility, this product may still contain a trace amount of gluten.).

Rain-or-Shine Hard Seltzer makes its outside debut in early March of 2019, with 16oz cans initially being launched at CenturyLink Field in celebration of the beginning of the professional soccer season. Look for cans of Rain-or-Shine Passion Fruit Hard Seltzer to hit shelves at your retail location or watering hole in the coming weeks, and stay tuned as we unveil additional flavors and packages throughout 2019 and beyond.

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