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2 Fry 3

Fresh made loaded fries!

Dez will be here serving house made loaded fries from 1-8pm.

From a write up in the News Tribune:

“Chopping 250 pounds of potatoes sounds like fun.

Just kidding. It takes a certain kind of person to willingly do that (not me).

Take, for example, Desiree Zavala (and) her husband, Ryan Sheldon… They're the group behind the cleverly named 2fry3, a play on the 253 area code and a nod to the signature dish for their new mobile restaurant’s fresh-cut loaded fries.

They (happily) prep that massive pile of 250 pounds of potatoes out of a commercial kitchen that serves as the home base for 2Fry3.                                                                      

Zavala’s pretty intense about the restaurant’s fries. They only will use russets. They hand cut them all (bonus points for that). I’d describe the fries as medium width with some bigger, some smaller. They have enough surface area to yield a soft interior, but smaller pieces taste more crispy…

They’re fried to order, which is no small endeavor for a mobile restaurant. Their toppings fall in the “bigger is better” category, with cheese and bacon added as common condiments. There’s no need to ask for extra bacon. My observation is that it comes standard.

The opening menu featured “The Joey” a prod at Sheldon and his doppelganger, Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block. It’s stacked “bacon cheeseburger style” with a big pile of fries topped with bacon, crumbled hamburger, shredded cheddar, a plop of tangy special sauce and a crunchy pico de gallo standing in for tomato, lettuce and onion. It’s a messy affair, so grab a few napkins before digging in.

The “Fat Elvis” was just what think it should be, an homage to the King’s favorite sandwich with a drizzle of vegan peanut butter, jam, banana chips and bacon. (To make that one fully vegan, just omit the bacon.)

For fry purists, they always sell an order of naked fries, minus toppings.

This week, the menu also will include fries flavored with truffle oil, one made with three kinds of garlic toppings and a riff on nacho fries.

Fries are priced $4 to $8 each.

Orders are served in Chinese take-out containers, which makes for easy portable eating while walking around the market, but for diners who prefer a plate, just pop off the wire handle from the take-out box and open the flaps to create an impromptu paper plate.”

- Sue Kidd: 253-597-8270, @tntdiner

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2 Fry 3
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