A now-annual tradition at Silver City Brewery, our Valentine's Series of beers incorporate a host of devilishly delectable flavors, encapsulated within some of the rarest, most limited ales produced by the brewery. Three of the beers are deep, rich porters and stouts have been aged in bourbon barrels, and the fourth is a delightfully refreshing saison supplemented by whimsically romantic flavors.

Each of the beers will be available individually or as part of a special, collector's set for $59.99 including a set of chocolate truffles, each piece carefully crafted with each beer by local, Poulsbo chocolatier ChocMo. The collector's sets are a limited edition of 72. 

Coinciding with the bottle release on the 2nd, between 2pm-4pm, ChocMo owner Peter Crabtree will conduct a special sampling of these truffles along with each of the limited release beers. 


STRANGELOVE: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Mocha Porter

An exercise in extreme decadence, StrangeLove is an imperial porter that’s been aged in a Kentucky Bourbon barrel with cold pressed coffee by Ootopia Coffee Roasters and handcrafted dark chocolate syrup by local chocolatier ChocMo. 
Strange? Love? Both. Beauty and Beast.

HOPS: Liberty

MALTS: 2-Row, Munich, Caramel Malt, Chocolate Malt, Honey Malt, Roast

IBU: 40

ABV: 8%

AVAILABILITY: Limited 500ml Bottles, $12.99 ea.

Motor Boater: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Oatmeal Porter

Motor Boater is the story of a hard working Oatmeal Porter gaining class and distinction.  Aged in a whiskey barrel for several months, Motor Boater developed luxurious flavors of caramel and toffee with hints of oak and vanilla. Celebrate the success. Enjoy the ride!

HOPS: Chinook

MALTS: NW Pale, Roast, Brown, Chocolate Malt, Oats

IBU: 40

ABV: 8%

AVAILABILITY: Limited 500ml Bottles, $12.99 ea.



Time goddess: bourbon barrel-aged raspberry imperial stout

Our Time Traveller travelled time— with a companion of raspberry— imbuing her with with omnipotence on her voyage though the fourth dimension in an oaken vessel that once delivered Kentucky Bourbon through the ages. Lucious fruit with a touch of tartness enriches the dark, roasty, vanilla-like character of this Imperial Stout.

HOPS: Chinook

MALTS: NW Pale, British Pale, Roast, Flaked Barley, Brown, Chocolate,Munich, Black, Caramel,                     

IBU: 60

ABV: 9.9%

AVAILABILITY: Limited 500ml Bottles, $12.99 ea.

French kiss: saison on passion fruit & rose

The color of soft, cherry red lips, a hint of passion (fruit) and a whiff of roses; French Kiss can delight in so many ways. This Saison takes an interesting turn for Valentine’s Day with the blend of three very subtle but distinctive ingredients.

HOPS: Styrian Goldings

MALTS: Pilsner, Vienna, Wheat             

IBU: 16

ABV: 5.6

AVAILABILITY: Limited 22oz Bottles, $9.99 ea.

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