2018 Seattle Soccer pub crawl

September 1st // 11am (match time 1pm)




Because Solid Frickin' Darn Tasty Beer Matters.


Silver City Brewery, Georgetown Brewing, and Fremont Brewing are ecstatic to announce partnership on this year's Seattle Sounders-focused pub crawl event to be held on Saturday, September 1st. Celebrating Seattle sports and the local pub culture, the event will see hundreds of thirsty Seattle soccer fans coming together in Pioneer Square over local craft beer at a variety of beloved establishments, culminating with participants attending the Sporting Kansas City at Sounders FC match en masse at CenturyLink Field, 1PM PT.

Inspired by the overwhelming popularity of Silver City Brewery’s annual Mariners Pub Crawl, which in 2018 had nearly 600 attendees and 14 participating pubs, one of the most frequent points of feedback was a desire for a similar, Sounders-focused event. In October of 2017, the first annual "Seattle FC Pub Crawl" was held with a host of several local breweries. The event was a blast, so we've decided to do it again-- this year with our friends at Georgetown Brewing and Fremont Brewing.


Tickets to the Seattle FC Pub Crawl go on sale July 6th at 4:00pm for $45/each. Price includes a ticket to the match as well as an exclusive t-shirt commemorating the pub crawl, with all three participating brands represented. When purchasing, attendees will choose their “home port” where they will have the option to check-in early and pick up their swag in the days leading up to the event. An option will also be available for season ticket holders that excludes the game ticket but provides the commemorative shirt and pub passport. These are available for $25.


The pub crawl will commence at 11:00am on Saturday, September 1st. If participants have not already checked-in, they will be able to pick up their game tickets and t-shirts at a designated location. From there, attendees will be able to visit over a dozen locations throughout Pioneer Square, all featuring beverages by Georgetown, Fremont, and Silver City Brewery. A pub passport will be provided that lists the participating pubs, as well as a map of which brands are being poured at each location. Attendees are encouraged to partake responsibly and choose a “top few” locations to visit. Visiting every location is not mandatory, nor encouraged.


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